How will you Give Life?


Key Dates



April - Start Collecting Give Life Campaign Pledges (Campaign Begins)

August - Begin Pre-Construction Relocating Existing Portable Buildings for New Construction Areas

October - Permitting Finalization & Approvals To Begin Phase 2 Building Construction

November - Ground Breaking Construction Begins on our new Worship Center as well as the Children's and Youth Center.


January - Begin Ministry in Our Expanded Campus!


April - Stop Collecting Give Life Pledges (Campaign Ends)



Join In

Give Life is a 3-year spiritual growth campaign (April 2017-April 2020) to raise funds for our new Worship Center, modified and expanded Children’s and Youth Center, and the initial development of the Life Center for our community. Our goal is to raise $2,000,000 through the Give Life campaign and to finance $5,850,000 for our campus.