Give Life Update 2: September 2017

Welcome to the Give Life Update!  In an effort to keep you, our church family, informed on Give Life and our Phase 2 progress, we will use these email communications to update you with the latest information. The updates are intended to recap what we have accomplished and look ahead to next steps and how you can stay engaged.


Making Room!

You might have noticed that the portables that house our Middle School Student Ministry, Fusion, and High School Student Ministry, Element, have been moved to the east. We did this to make room for the Phase 2 Building construction project. 

Permitting & Financing

Over the summer we have been waiting for two things: approval with permitting and finalizing our financing. 

We are in the final stages of permitting.  We have heard from both the city and the state, and we are addressing the input they have provided.  We are anticipating having final approval and starting to move dirt by the end of October.  

his summer we also have been determining the final cost of the project and finalizing our financing.

LFC257 Give Life Phase 2 Update2.jpg

The good news is that the last week of August we closed on our loan, so our funding is in place!

The not so good news is that the project is going to cost us more than was originally estimated.  As we discussed at the Life Church annual meeting, for a variety of reasons like the substantial site work required for our property and the current construction market in Austin, Phase 2 will cost almost 30% more than we have anticipated 12 months ago.  We are going to still move forward, but in light of the increased expense, it is more essential than ever that we all are faithful with our Give Life pledges!

Next Steps & Prayer Focus

  • Permitting Approval with Both the City and State
  • A Spirit of Generosity in Our Church Family for Give Life
  • Beginning Construction  

New Life

There will be challenges with this project, but they will be worth it. This Phase 2 expansion is going to allow us to multiply our ministry to our growing community. 

At our pool party last month, we saw over 30 people baptized. God is using us to give life, and with your continued support, we will be able to give life to so many more in the future. 

Thank you for your investment in Give Life.

Financial Update (as of 9/24/2017)

Chad Wright