Give Life Update 3: November 2017

Welcome to the Give Life Update!  In an effort to keep you, our church family, informed on Give Life and our Phase 2 building progress, we will use these email communications to update you with the latest information. The updates are intended to recap what we have accomplished and look ahead to next steps and how you can stay engaged.

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Phase 2 Project Has Begun!

This past January, we kicked off our 3-year Give Life campaign with the vision to raise funds for our Phase 2 expansion. Now after months of  waiting, the project has officially begun! You might have noticed that dirt is moving on our church property.


It will be exciting watching this project come together over the next 12 months. Let’s thank God for what he is creating here, and we thank you for your partnership and continued support of Give Life that makes all this possible.

Site Plan New Construction Marked in Red.jpg

Keeping Everyone Safe

As we get started on this project, we need your help keeping everyone safe. The main construction area will be to the north and west of our existing Phase 1 building. For your own safety, please make sure you avoid those areas, and if you have children, please let them know they cannot go into the construction zone. Thank you.

Prayer Focus

  • The physical safety of our church families and the construction workers
  • The spiritual protection of our church


Spiritual Protection

We are excited about Phase 2, but Satan is not. Every time God’s kingdom moves forward, Satan tries to fight against it.

You might have noticed this in your daily life. Maybe at work, in your marriage, or with your kids, there seems to be some force fighting against you. There’s a reason for this. The Scripture tells us “…our struggle is not against flesh and blood…” (Eph. 6:12 – NIV). It is a spiritual battle against an unseen enemy.
We are in an important sermon series right now on spiritual warfare called, The Invisible War. We will learn how to win this invisible war so our mission can move forward as Christians and as a church. Make sure you join us!
Thank you, again, for your investment in Give Life.

Financial Update (as of 11/12/2017)

Chad Wright