Give Life Update 6: June 2018

Welcome to the Give Life Update! Give Life is our 3-year campaign to aise $2,000,000 toward our $8,000,000 Phase 2 project to expand our mission base in order to give life to our community and world. In an effort to keep you informed on Give Life and Phase 2, we will use these email communications to update you with the latest information. The updates are intended to recap what we have accomplished and look ahead to next steps and how you can stay engaged.

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Raising Walls


As you know by now, the walls of our larger building are up.
In just two days in May they were raised into place! It was pretty incredible to see. Many of you watched on Facebook live.
It is encouraging because you can now really see how God is expanding our campus. With the walls up, it’s now becoming real!

Standing in the Gap


As we have been learning in our study through Nehemiah, walls always represented strength, security, and stability. They are symbols of salvation.
Through his prophet God said: “I looked for someone among them who would build  up the wall and stand before me in the gap on behalf of the land...” - Ezekiel 22:30 (NIV) 
As a church, we are trying to answer this call. We are raising walls to create a beacon, an outpost between God and our world. From these walls we are standing in the gap and reaching out to our community representing Jesus Christ.

Building Walls of Hope


What is really exciting is that it is not just our church family that can see these walls, but our community can, too. Traveling south on 183A, you can clearly see these raised walls on this hill from miles away!
When people see the walls of our church, our prayer is that they will see this as a place they can find strength, security, and stability in their lives – where they can experience salvation and a bold life in Jesus Christ.
We appreciate you believing in what God is doing here and supporting Give Life. It will take all of us sacrificing together to make this happen, so thank you for standing in the gap and helping build your portion of the wall to bring hope to our community and world.

Prayer Focus

Please be praying for:

  • the safety of the construction crews.
  • the walls to create curiosity in our community for the gospel.
  • the people of Life Church to each take ownership of this project and stand in the gap doing their part to make it happen.

Financial Update (as of 6/3/2018)

Chad Wright